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As a child I loved nature: birds, exploring, looking at the world thru my microscope and doing chemistry experiments.  I took all the math and science classes I could in high school. After graduated I went to nursing school.  I loved learning and asked a lot of questions.

I got kicked out of nursing school 18 weeks before graduation for asking questions. They said I had a bad attitude but I just wanted answers.  Then I discovered nutrition, prevention and herbs. I have been studying these and other natural remedies ever since.

My brother, Larry, was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 18 years old.  I watched him go thru chemotherapy with other children in the cancer ward.  They were so sick & many died.  Then Larry died and my family is devastated.

In the next 2 decade I watch my 3 aunts who were diabetic go the medical route rather than change their diets.  They became obese, their organs shut down and they suffered.  They all died too young and I couldn’t help them because they were addicted to sugar and refused to change their diets

I know that disease and cancer are caused by diet and that they can be prevented and cured with diet but the doctors don’t know that and they only use drugs, surgery and chemotherapy. 

I have been teaching people about processed foods versus health and wellness, how to cook from scratch & how to grow their own organic gardens so they can eat fresh healthy foods.  I have helped thousands of people put in organic edible landscapes both in Michigan and in Florida.

But in the last 10 years diseases and cancer have been rising exponentially and I have been delivering workshops that I call “Dirty Garden Secrets They don’t Want You to know About” to churches, garden clubs, schools, Kiwanis, the Rotary Club, Chiropractic offices, girl scouts, boy scouts, brownies and cub scouts, in libraries, garden clubs, community gardens, health food stores, and weekly at my Organic Living Garden Center.

About 18 months ago I had a customer come to my garden center who was frail & weak.  I took her on a short garden tour.  She drank a glass of my organic, fresh herbal tea, ate four Acerola cherries off my tree and ate several leaves from the garden. After about ½ hour she was smiling, looked happier and standing straighter. She tells me she feels better than she has in several years.  I have known for years how herbs and organic foods cure diseases, cancer and mental illnesses but I have never seen it make such a huge change so fast.

So I decided then and there I have to reach many more people and all over the planet.  I know that cancer, diabetes and illnesses are increasing exponentially around the world and our planet is becoming more and more polluted. The food is getting more and more toxic.   We literally are starving to death due to lack of nutrients in the soil even though obesity is on the rise.  Disease and cancer do not have to be inevitable!

I am passionate to save our planet and mankind and I have been learning how to use the internet to reach people all over the world.

I couldn’t help my brother but I can help many people who are struggling with health issues and feel hopeless.  It is my passion & my mission to change the lives of as many people as I can that are suffering daily.  Most people are not even aware of how dangerous grocery store food is and how it is affecting them. 

I am determined to help you regain your vitality so you can take back your health and create the life you desire.

What are your health challenges?  I am offering you a free strategy session to help you solve your biggest challenges of regaining your health.   I will work with you using my “7 Simple Steps to Vitality” and help you gain back your health and achieve your dreams



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